The time has finally come for us to release the first episode in our interview series!

Now, we’re going to need you to vote for what you would like the first episode to be.

Just in case you forgot what this is all about, allow us to give you a quick rundown via our first published podcast found here.

The vote

Your task, should you accept it, will be to choose just one of the following episodes to be aired:

Cardiology with Dr Andrew MacIsaac

Dr Andrew MacIsaac is the Director of Cardiology at St Vincent hospital in Melbourne, making him quite (over)qualified to shed light on the field of cardiology. He wears several hats within cardiology including ward consultant, interventionalist and administration (as part of his role as Director).

Fun fact about Dr MacIsaac: He is also the Deputy Chief Medical Officer at St Vincent hospital. Part of this responsibility in this role is selecting the interns and supporting the junior medical staff at St Vincent hospital.

Gastroenterology with Dr Sern Yeoh

Dr Sern Yeoh has just finished his fellowship in gastroenterology. Being a young doctor who has just completed the major undertaking that is Advanced Physician Training, he is well placed to give you not just advice on gastroenterology but also life as a junior medical officer.

We also briefly talk to Dr Yeoh about how to handle the mental stresses of training and sacrifices which may need to be made.

Colorectal Surgery with Mr Raaj Chandra

Mr Raaj Chandra, a humble colorectal surgeon, talks us through his journey from medical school, the army, surgical training and finally his post today as an esteemed colorectal surgeon.

Mr Chandra also sheds light on how junior medical staff should be utilising the senior staff and how the team should be interacting.

General Surgery with Mr Yahya Al-Habbal

Mr Yahya Al-Habbal has just finished his fellowship in general surgery and is looking to pursue further advanced training in the coming years. As a doctor who was at a crossroads between choosing Emergency and Surgery, we get an insight into what factors go into making these big decisions.

Mr Al-Habbal talks to us about the difficult conversations you need to have with family when undergoing training and how to maintain a balance between family and study commitments.

Tough choice right? We know.

But don’t fret, all of these episodes will be released soon.

When you feel ready, you can submit your vote by filling in the Google form below:

If the form isn’t loading, you can access the form here. 

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