From the day I decided I wanted to go to medical school, my family and friends have been asking me what type of doctor I want to be; and I usually reply with a generic combination of “I’m not really sure,” and “[Blah] specialty seems really interesting at the moment,” followed by a story of some cool medical thing I saw last week.

What type of doctor will you be?

Rocking up to wards in the hopes that today you’ll find your specialty

As expected, the further I get into my degree, the more common this question has become but ironically, the more unclear I am about how to answer. In reality, I have zero clue, and spend my time procrastinating by completing Buzzfeed quizzes on what sort of doctor I should be (here’s a good one), and seeing which Grey’s Anatomy character I relate to the most. But I feel compelled to come up with something I think I might end up doing just to make my life seem like it has some sort of direction.

Medical students and junior doctors are seemingly spoilt for choice and have a couple of years to explore which path to propel our careers along. I remember going home at the end of the first week of every rotation I had last year thinking that I could see myself pursuing that field. Furthermore, I have been told several times that there are plenty of other careers I have the option of pursuing with a medical degree outside of the hospital. How is one supposed to choose?!

How are we meant to choose when we're given 50 options?

Standing in the corner of the OT wondering where your life is headed

I think some of the best advice I have received in this regard is to try and follow the registrars and consultants in each specialty around and see if I want to live the life that they live; and also that as time progresses, everyone will just naturally gravitate towards certain specialties. So I guess this is where I am at the moment, and also the basis for this project – trying to talk to different to doctors from different specialties to gain some insight into their jobs and their lives and how much I want to be like them.

Hopefully by the end of this interview series, I’ll have a better answer when someone asks me “What type of doctor are you going to be?” And hopefully you will have found it helpful too!

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What type of doctor do you want to be?

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