This week’s podcast is with Dr. Jessie Teng, a consultant in endocrinology who holds various posts at different hospitals across Victoria. She provides insight into how to go about choosing a career pathway and steps to take in order find information about specialties you may be interested in pursuing. We discuss the importance of research/publications or extra-curricular achievements when applying for positions and the best way to find these opportunities.

Dr. Teng gives us some details on the pathway into endocrinology with a rough timeline on when to expect exams, interviews and how long it will actually take to get into an Advanced Training program. She also discusses the options available for someone who might not necessarily get into Endocrinology training the first time around and ways to become a better candidate for the following year.

Dr. Teng outlines the best and worst parts of endocrinology and gives us several reasons to pursue the specialty. She talks about her work-life balance and the flexibility endocrinology provides in regards to taking time off to have a family or to pursue research or clinical teaching, etc. This podcast has a lot of information for anyone who is interested in endocrinology and will provide a great vignette of the consultant endocrinologist job.

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Pathways into Endocrinology

Medical School → Internship → HMO → Basic Physicians Training (3 years full-time equivalent) → Advance Physicians Training in Endocrinology (3 years full-time equivalent)

Source: Royal Australian College of Physicians


According to the Australian Government Taxation Data, in the 2013-14 income year we had:

  • 122 female endocrinologists earning an average of $174,542
  • 125 male endocrinologists earning an average of $258,972
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TMC004: Endocrinology with Dr Jessie Teng
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