Dr Tarini Fernando is a senior pathology registrar currently completing her advanced training.  She decided quite early on to pursue this pathway after enjoying her elective rotation in forensic pathology in her final year of university. We discussed with her what sort of students might enjoy the “culture shock” that is pathology and how best to prepare oneself for the interviews. This includes the importance of research and experience in other wards in the hospital.

Tarini provides us with an insight into the scope of fields and and range of tissues pathologists deal with within the lab, as well as the teams she interacts with outside it. She highlights the difference between public and private work, comparing the financial reward, time commitment and workload demands of both.

Our discussion also touches on the level of knowledge required for both day-to-day tasks and the final exams, as well as how to balance the demands of simultaneously learning and teaching with personal pursuits, family and friends. Her advice also extends to the traits doctors should have to pursue a career in pathology and to deal with the challenges of failing exams and working extra hours.

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Pathways into Pathology:

Medical School → Internship → Advanced Training in Pathology (5 years)→ Consultant

Source: Royal Australian College of Pathologists


According to the Australian Government Taxation Data, in the 2013-14 income year we had:

  • 1709 female pathologists earning an average of $90,935
  • 808 male pathologists earning an average of $224,378
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TMC009: Pathology with Dr Tarini Fernando
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