Mr Michael Law is a Breast and Endocrine Surgery consultant at Eastern Health. In this podcast, we talk to him about the pathway he took to end up in his role, and why that may involve spending time in other surgical specialties, completing research and obtaining quality references before beginning dedicated Breast and Endocrine work. He gives us insights into why Breast and Endocrine Surgery has great variety and interaction with the medical field compared to other surgical specialties.

Michael talks about how predictable and stable the lifestyle of a Breast and Endocrine surgeon is compared to other specialties. For him, this includes public and private work, surgical and outpatient interactions, and non-clinical roles. We delve into the “instant gratification”his work gives him as well as how satisfying it is to see patients “survive and thrive” down the track. However, his field does not come with its own technical and psychological difficulties, which he advises us how to traverse.

Our discussion also touches on why Breast and Endocrine surgery are coupled together, and where the field is headed in future, both logistically and technologically. Michael stresses the importance of our junior clinical year, laying out a few ground rules we can follow to make the most of our time. Tune in for his hot tips regarding time management, asking questions and making mistakes.

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Pathway into Breast and Endocrine Surgery

Medical School →  Internship → Basic Surgical Training (2 years) → Advanced Surgical Training (4 years) → Consultant

Source: Australian and New Zealand Endocrine Surgeons


Unfortunately, there was no salary data for Breast and Endocrine Surgeons as part of the 2013-2014 Australian Government Taxation Data.

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TMC011: Breast and Endocrine Surgery with Mr Michael Law
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