Dr. Paul Urquhart is a Gastroenterology consultant based in Melbourne. Today, we dive into his journey into gastroenterology, starting with what drew him into the field and the many places he has travelled to research and train. Paul spent time in Canada, explaining why many doctors choose to practice here during their fellowship as opposed to next-door neighbour America. 

Paul gives us great advice on why we should take any job that’s available after we graduate before consolidating and shaping the career we want down the line. For him, this was endoscopy, one of gastroenterology’s many subspecialties. His reasons for enjoying his work to such an extent are contagious and relatable. Paul enjoys the team-orientated nature of his work, and compares this to the private sector where solo work is the norm. We touch on where the field is heading in the near future, including the growing role of ultrasound.

While Paul admits that the exposure students receive to each specialty is “narrow” and that selecting a pathway requires a “leap of faith”, he gives us some tips as to how to make an informed decision. This includes what sort of extracurricular and hospital-based activities and initiatives we can pursue to gain further understanding of what working in a field full-time will be like. In the meantime, we discuss the importance of time away from and hobbies outside of med. He highlights why these not only make us more rounded people but actually reflect well on a resume.

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Pathways into Gastroenterology

Medical School → Internship → Basic Physicians Training (3 years Full Time Equivalent) → Advanced Physicians Training in Gastroenterology (3 years Full Time Equivalent)

Advanced Physician Training can be undertaken in Adult Medicine, Paediatrics or Child Health

Source: Royal Australian College of Physicians


According to the Australian Government Taxation Data, in the 2013-14 income year we had:

  • 86 female gastroenterologists earning an average of $260,925
  • 294 male gastroenterologists earning an average of $415,192
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