Dr Michael Gingold is a rheumatology consultant working in Melbourne. Today, we unpack this oft forgotten specialty, in which Michael has an abundance of experience. His training has taken him all over the world, and he is yet to meet a rheumatology consultant that isn’t “happy”. He personally puts this down to the enduring relationships he forms with his long-term patients.

The work Michael performs on a daily basis seems intriguing. As with most doctors, he splits his time between public and private practice, with most of this comprising outpatient work, as well as teaching and supervising the trainee program. However, a good chunk of his day is also dedicated towards answering questions from GPs, specialists and patients. Rheumatologists seem to be an accessible, easy-going bunch! He also gives his two cents on why the current “workforce review” might result in a large changeover of staff in the near future, and encourages all of us that are clinically inclined to be a part of this. Many novel and newly-generic medications will continue to change the pharmacological landscape in this time as well.

Michael’s advice for students – aside from taking up rheumatology – involves how and when to take time off, as well as finding and prioritising our interests, both within and external to medicine. “Jobs will be waiting” for us when we return, he assures us! Michael creates envy in listeners they listen to the fantastic places his training and work have taken him. Tune in to this one!

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Pathways into Rheumatology

Medical School → Internship → Basic Physician’s Training (3 years full time equivalent) → Advanced Training in Rheumatology (3 years) → Consultant

Source: Royal Australian College of Physicians


According to the Australian Government Taxation Data, in the 2013-14 income year we had:

  • 50 female rheumatologists earning an average of $169,409
  • 85 male rheumatologists earning an average of $256,933
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