Mr Philip Jumeau is an ENT surgeon working in Melbourne. Philip takes enormous pride in his calling, most of which involves nasal reconstructive work, which he finds challenging but rewarding. The “growth and change” he sees in his patients after operations makes it feel like he’s contributing to their lives. Such satisfaction more than makes up for the competitive nature of the field’s training and practice. While ENT is growing in popularity, there is little overlap with other fields, resulting in fantastic “diversity” with regards to cases. He deals with people from all walks of life with myriad medical ailments, as well we being able to work with implantable technology.

Philip also spends 1 in every 8 weeks in Cairns, where he has established his own business. This aspect of his work involves a higher case load and can be difficult due to the lack of support and tropical climate. However, he sees many weird and wonderful ENT conditions and emergencies (no spoilers here!). At the same time, dealing with hospital administration and budgets can make one “disillusioned” with the healthcare system.

ENT surgeons are beginning to pursue fellowships overseas, taking longer to establish themselves due to the growing subspecialisation of the field. Philip gives us his take on what this means for future applicants. Outside of his field, Philip enjoys mountain bike riding and racing, a passion he has gladly protected by sacrificing some of his work hours. We end with some advice to consider the patients, lifestyle and outcomes we are hoping to deal with instead of the type of work we do when considering a career.

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Pathways into ENT

Medical School → Internship → HMO → Surgical Education and Training (SET) Program (3 years) → Advanced Training in Otolaryngology Head and Neck surgery (3 years) → Consultant

Source: Australian Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery


According to the Australian Government Taxation Data, in the 2013-14 income year we had:

  • 17 female ENT surgeons earning an average of $200,136
  • 85 male ENT surgeons earning an average of $445,939
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TMC030: ENT with Mr Philip Jumeau
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